Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Arrested For Fraud, Falsifying Data and Paying Bribes? Conspiracy Theory Rattles Social Media

A viral claim suggesting that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has been arrested for fraud is found to be fake. The fraudulent claim also insisted that Bourla was arrested by the FBI from his home in suburb of Scarsdale, New York, on Friday morning.

Earlier, a hoax surrounding the CEO of the pharma giant claimed that his trip to Israel was cancelled as he was not vaccinated. The claim had emerged in August.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Twitter

Search Warrant for Bourla's Home and Properties Being Sought?

The recent claim surfaced following a misleading article published on The article headlined, "CEO of Pfizer arrested, charged with fraud – media blackout as #PfizerGate trends," was shared multiple times on social media.

The website wrote, " Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was arrested at his home in the affluent suburb of Scarsdale, New York Friday morning by the FBI and charged with multiple counts of fraud. Bourla is being held while he awaits a bail hearing. Federal agents are in the process of executing a search warrant at his home and at multiple other properties he owns across the country."

"Albert Bourla faces fraud charges for his role in deceiving customers on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 "vaccine." Pfizer is accused of falsifying data, and paying out large bribes," read the article which the outlet claimed to be an 'exclusive.'

The website even included a quote of an unnamed FBI agent, who told the outlet that the pharma company lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines, and mislead customers about the serious side effects the vaccines can produce.

Claiming that Pfizer is paying off governments and the mainstream media to stay silent, Conservative Beaver stated that since it was based in Canada and not subject to American law, it wasn't covered under the media blackout ordered by police and approved by a judge.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim, Snopes, a fact-checking website claimed that it was not a genuine news article. "The Conservative Beaver publishes a mix of news commentary and conspiratorial hoaxes," it stated.

The outlet also claimed that on the day of Bourla's 'arrest' he made several appearances on television shows including CNN where he spoke about a new pill which Pfizer has developed to fight Covid-19.

Despite the news being fake, it still made a lot of people believe in the same.

"As someone who spent over 50 days flat in bed in scary pain and almost 80 days on liver harming opioid painkillers- all thanks to the Pfizer, I'm glad. Hope they beat him too. CEO of Pfizer arrested, charged with fraud," tweeted a user.

"I really can't, this is so appalling that it makes me want to vomit, I couldn't watch it. I am really hoping that the claim that Pfizer CEO has been arrested, so we are moving at long last, is true.... and that he hangs/is hung," wrote another user.

"Was asked if 70% of CDC workers were working remotely (so were not required to get the jab). Wouldn't answer. There is a difference. Good thing the CEO of Pfizer was arrested. She may be next," read another tweet.