Penthouse actress Choi Ye Bin Faces School-Bullying Allegations; DSP Responds to Rumours around Hyunjoo's Exit

Choi Ye Bin is the latest celebrity to face the school-bullying allegations. An anonymous person has claimed on an online community that the actress had cornered her by teaming up with her best friend in the elementary school days.

Actress Choi Ye Bin and Hyunjoo.
Actress Choi Ye Bin and Hyunjoo. Instagram

In the post, the alleged victim said about introducing the Penthouse actress to all her best friends in the elementary school. "I thought you were a kind and innocent friend so I introduced you to all my close friends. But then, you colluded with my best friend and made me an outcast." the victim said as per Koreaboo in the post written in the Korean language.

The anonymous person further claims about the actress changing colors in a matter of a day to corner her by teaming up with her best friend.

The Agency's Reaction
However, the actress' agency J Wide Company has outrightly rejected the claims stating that there is no truth in the allegations and it has verified it from various people. It has threatened to take legal action against the miscreants for spreading fake news against Choi Ye Bin.

DSP Media Denies Rumours around Hyunjoo's Exit
Meanwhile, DS Media has denied the speculations around APRIL's former member Hyunjoo leaving the group due to bullying by other members.

In a detailed press release, it stated that Hyunjoo was unable to participate in the team activities due to mental and physical problems and other members had suffered "damage" due to some conflicts. The statement blames the circumstances for the issues rather than holding anybody responsible for it.

It added, "Hyunjoo ultimately expressed that she wanted to leave the group during the "Tinkerbell" promotions. We tried to dissuade her, but she was adamant. We feel responsible for the hard time that Hyunjoo and the other members suffered during this period.

Since then, we have provided full support for the acting activities that Hyunjoo wanted. We also supported her wish to be an idol after that. It is true that we provided all possible support for her activities in the field she wanted after she left the group."

The message ends on the note that baseless speculations could damage the reputation of both Hyunjoo and the APRIL.

The Allegations
This clarification comes after a person claiming to be her brother made allegations of his sister facing hard times from the other members of the group and the agency. His post read, "She was bullied and ostracized in the group, and due to that, she suffered from many things like panic disorder and breathing difficulties. She even tried to take her own life."

The bullying accusations in school are commonly heard these days in Korea and many celebrities, after facing allegations, have apologized to the victims. Likewise, many have denied allegations and warned those spreading fake news of taking legal action.