Pennsylvania: Man Who Slapped Biden 'I did that' Satirical Sticker on Gas Pumps in Protest Against Soaring Prices Arrested

Pennsylvania arrests man for Biden 'I did that' sticker.

A man, who affixed satirical stickers of US President Joe Biden onto gas pumps at a local Turkey Hill gas station has been arrested and criminally charged in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. According to Fox News, Thomas Richard Glazewski who hails from Manor Township, had been arrested at the gas station's parking lot by police on March 31 after he was spotted putting up 'I did that' Biden's stickers in protest of soaring fuel prices.

Glazewski, 54, was booked for misdemeanor of resisting arrest, as per a report published on Lancaster Online. He was also charged with petty offenses of disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and harassment.

"I did that. I did that. That's what I did," Glazewski was heard repeatedly screaming while pointing to the funny Biden stickers, as captured in a footage that has been posted on Facebook. The video clip has been shared more than 3,000 times as of Monday, April 11.

I did that Biden Stickers
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Further reports suggest the video clip shows Glazewski being tackled by police on 1503 Columbia Avenue in East Hempfield Township at a Turkey Hill convenience store.

The stickers which blames Biden for skyrocketing fuel prices have been put up at gas stations nationwide. Moreover, A 100-pack of such funny Biden stickers is being sold on Amazon for a price between $10 to $13.

Biden's 'I did That' stickers have become popular as a conservative protest against the current U.S. president. Biden is being blamed for the current gas price by the protesters - allegedly influenced by right-wing media and Republican lawmakers, according to reports.

The demand for fuel spiked as states rolled back Covid-19 pandemic-restrictions and people returned to work in offices.

Meanwhile, Glazewski's first hearing is scheduled for April 26. Reports reveal that at the the of his arrest, Glazewski was serving two years probation for a retail theft he pleaded guilty in 2020. Court documents further reveal that was the third time the Pennsylvania man had been convicted for retail theft and sentenced to probation.

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