PARSIQ's New Developer Bounties Program Rewards Developers for Contributing to the Future of Blockchain


PARSIQ has launched the next phase of its Unicornization Campaign: Developer Bounties. This initiative fosters innovation, supports the blockchain community and spearheads exciting new projects.

This initiative will benefit the sector by offering blockchain developers a chance to be a part of the Web3 revolution. Developers can contribute to the Reactive Network ecosystem and earn rewards. Developer Bounties introduces a series of challenges that coders must complete to win up to $1,200 USDT in PRQ tokens.

What is the Reactive Network?

The Reactive Network is a blockchain innovation from PARSIQ addressing Ethereum Virtual Machine's limitations in handling on-chain event reactions. Reactive Network enables smart contracts to respond dynamically to network events.

Reactive Smart Contracts (RSC) can initiate new on-chain transactions based on individual events that take place within the network. Unlike traditional smart contracts, RSCs can react to various events in real-time. This influences dynamic smart contract behaviour, opening the door for new use cases and apps within the blockchain ecosystem.

The Relayer Network extends this functionality across parallel blockchain networks. This cross-chain compatibility streamlines the Reactive Network's interoperability, enhancing its functionality. The Reactive Network represents a significant advancement in blockchain technology, addressing current limitations and opening up new possibilities for responsive and interconnected blockchain applications.

Exploring the Next Phase of the Unicornization 2.0 Journey

The Unicornization Campaign promises to find and develop cutting-edge blockchain ideas and projects on the platform. It promotes collaboration and creativity, providing a structured path for contributors to shape the future of blockchain technology. The project invites blockchain engineers, developers visionaries and enthusiasts to submit project ideas that can be executed on its Reactive Network. Participants can earn $100 in PRQ tokens for each successful idea that converts to a bounty, and $1,200 in PRQ tokens for completing a bounty.

Rong Kai Wong, CEO of PARSIQ, tweeted, "This is just the start of many more incentives to come. We build excellent tech, but it means nothing if developers are not yet looking into it. Explore, build, learn and earn in the process. Down the road, the world's your oyster."
PARSIQ invites all blockchain enthusiasts, professionals and greenhorns to share innovative ideas propagating smart contracts or cross-chain functionality and explore available developer bounties. Developers can also send new ideas for building decentralised applications (dApps) on the blockchain platform.

Interested candidates can visit PARSIQ's Unicornization Campaign website for details about available Developer Bounties. Participants need to create Reactive Smart Contracts and dApps according to the requirements to win the prize.

There are two kinds of bounties on Reactive Network: Reactive dApps and Reactive Smart Contracts. For the Reactive dApp bounty, participants need to implement the front end, Reactive Smart Contracts and smart contracts for their use cases. For the Reactive Smart Contract category, participants need to submit an open GitHub repository and a cover letter with contact information and bounty details.

Jury members from PARSIQ's team will choose the winners in both categories. Rewards for the Reactive Smart Contract category are PRQ tokens worth $400-$600 USDT. Participants can win a maximum of two Reactive Smart Contract bounties. Winners in the Reactive dApp category will get PRQ tokens worth $1,200 USDT. Participants can win the Reactive dApp bounty independently or they can win both.

PARSIQ is excited to see participants globally use this opportunity and build decentralised applications collaboratively.

For more information about PARSIQ's Unicornization Campaign, Developer Bounties and how to participate, please visit this link.