Park Shin Hye Kim Rae Won
Park Shin Hye has opened up about Yoon Kyun Sang Facebook/parkshinhyefan

Park Shin Hye has opened up about Yoon Kyun Sang's naughty side. The two actors share a strong bond after starring together in Pinocchio and Doctors.

During the pilot episode of MBC's Brother's Thoughts, Shin Hye was asked about Kyun Sang's negative points. She revealed: "This older brother (oppa) secretly enjoys a little bit of adult entertainment occasionally."

Jokes apart, the 26-year-old actress gushed about the actor. She said: "He's very cute (has aegyo) for someone his size. He's also very mischievous. He treats me like a younger brother instead of a younger sister. He's the first male actor I've seen who dreams of [having] a bromance with actresses."

Adding on, Kyun Sang detailed about Shin Hye. He said: "Shin Hye is very pretty and charming. But because in the drama, I play a character whose love [for her] doesn't work out, so in real life, I ended up treating her like that too."

Meanwhile, Shin Hye recently graced the Chanel couture show held in Paris. She also took to Instagram to share a photo of herself sitting on the front row of the fashion show.