Koren movie Hyung, starring D.O, Jo Jung Suk and Park Shin Hye, releases 16 November Facebook

D.O and Jo Jung Suk showcased their bromance during the recent broadcast off KBS 2TV's Entertainment Relay. The duo appeared on the show to promote their movie, Hyung, which is set for a November release.

D.O and Jo Jung Suk, who are sharing a filming platform for the first time, put forth their thoughts about each other. Th duo appear in the Korean movie as a main cast, along Doctor's star Park Shin Hye. The actors shared that Shin Hye had a small part to play, so it was just both of them on the sets for most of the time.

DO quipped with the witty smile on his face: "It was just the two of us filming. Since there were no women around, it was easier to do things like change our outfits or pick our nose."

Apparently, absence of a female cast on the sets made things easy and relaxed for both of them. In agreement, Jung Suk further added: "We did everything that we could..."

Meanwhile, the boys also shared their perception of one another. Jung Suk relays: "I thought he was a watercolor pretty boy, but he's actually very masculine. He's very macho. He had been working out [when I first met him],. so he had a firm body."

While D.O laughingly added: "I really hate working out. I thought he would be very light hearted before I met him, but he's actually very serious."