Park Shin Hye details about laughter session with EXO's D.O. and Jo Jung Suk

The trio will be seen in upcoming film Hyung.

Park Shin Hye Kim Rae Won
Park Shin Hye will be seen in the new film Hyung Facebook/parkshinhyefan

Park Shin Hye had recently wrapped up her SBS drama, Doctors and is already busy with more work. The 26-year-old actress will be seen in upcoming film Hyung, starring EXO's D.O and Jo Jung Suk.

During the film's press conference, the South Korean beauty detailed her experience during the shoot. She said: "It was so funny on set. Because I really like Jo Jung Suk's previous work, there were lots of times when I laughed and made a mistake."

Jung Suk added: "There were many times when we couldn't hold in our laughter and made a lot of mistakes."

Shin Hye responded: "You can't help but laugh when you see Do Kyung Soo (D.O.) and Jo Jung Suk."

Previously, the leading characters had talked about their roles in the movie. Jung Suk said about his character Go Doo Sik: "You must realize after watching the trailer, but I'm a horrible swindler with 10 violations of the law on my criminal record from fraud. This isn't like my actual personality, so I had a hard time while filming."

He continued: "There's a significant age difference between Go Doo Sik and his younger brother Doo Young. I try to sell my younger brother to get rich, but it doesn't work out in my favor so it was fun."

D.O, who plays his younger brother Go Doo Young, said: "I'm the popular national team athlete Go Doo Young. On the outside, I seem strong and proud, but on the inside, I have a soft and innocent side. [Go Doo Young] is a little bit like the real me."

Shin Hye contributed: "I'm the national judo athlete Go Doo Young's coach. When it comes to being nosy and butting in, I'm the national athlete. To help Doo Young with his athletic career, I clean his house and cook for him. But when his swindler hyung shows up, I start bickering with him."

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