Park Min Young suggests being in love gives her advantage over Kim So-hyun

Says she'll work harder for her role.

Park Min-young & Kim So-hyun
Actors Park Min-young & Kim So-hyun.,

Comparing Park Min-young with the much younger Kim So-hyun seems inappropriate in many ways. Yet, that's exactly what was asked to the former; to compare the two.

Website Soompi notes that in a recent press conference of KBS drama 'Queen for Seven Days,' established South Korean actress Park Min-young was asked a rather odd question - compare herself with Kim So-hyun, who stars in MBC's 'Ruler: Master of the Mask.'

Hearing the question Min-young answered, "I haven't watched 'Ruler,' but I'm sure she has her own strengths. She's younger, and she's pretty. Our drama is a more intense melodrama, so I think my strength lies in portraying that captivating melo."

Park Min-young also suggested that she had one significant advantage over Kim So-hyun by virtue by being in love in real life. "I've been in love, so I think I have an upper hand in showing [those emotions], and I plan to demonstrate that through the screen," she said.

Park Min-young is 36 years old and has a slew of successful dramas under her belt, while Kim So-hyun is only 18 years old and has much more experience to gather. Obviously, she is also a good actor, having caught the public's attention with her villainous turn in 2012 drama 'Moon Embracing the Sun.' So-hyun's first leading role was in the teen drama from KBS2 itself, 'Who Are You: School 2015.'

Regarding her role in 'Queen for Seven Days,' Park Min-young said, "As the narrative builds up, I'm getting more absorbed into my character, and I'm able to focus more. I'll work hard." She has a wonderful co-star in Yeon Woo-jin, who'll hopefully make her job easier. The two actors reportedly share a great rapport off-screen.

Recently, on the sets of 'Queen for Seven Days,' while practicing for a fight scene with Park Min-young, Yeon Woo-jin accidently injured his right eye and ruptured a blood vessel. "We were shooting an action scene at night and we weren't perfectly in sync so Yeon Woo-jin fell while filming, and hit his head on my foot," the actress said, as noted by Soompi.

The actress quickly came to her co-star's aid. "Park Min-young started first aid right away, which I was really thankful for. I feel like I was able to return to filming the very next day because of her quick actions," Yeon Woo-jin said gratefully, adding, "It's not a major injury. I don't think it's anything to be worried about." Park Min-young has proven that she is a strong woman indeed.

This article was first published on June 20, 2017