Park Jin-hee, Jo Hyun-jae to star in a new drama Housewife Detective?

The new drama Housewife Detective is a story about a struggling single mom known as Myung Yoo-jin.

Jo Hyun-jae
Jo Hyun-jae Twitter

A new Korean drama is in the works and reportedly the name of the drama is 'Housewife Detective'. It seems four actors have received the offers to star in the new drama. Korean actors 2PM's Chansung (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki), Park Jin-hee (Oh My Geum-bi), Jo Hyun-jae (Yong-pal), and Hong Su-ah (Malice) are reportedly taken into consideration.

The new drama is written by Park Eun-young (Hwarang) and Park Hee-kwon (Flu), with PD Han Chul-soo at the helm, dramabeans reported.

The new drama Housewife Detective is a story about a struggling single mom known as Myung Yoo-jin. In order to make a living, the lady becomes an assistant to a 'self-described genius private investigator'. Together they handle complicated cases and solve them.

According to the reprts, Park Jin-hee is considered for the lead role, and the role of the boss is to be played by Jo Hyun-jae, the hot-blooded detective is to be played by Cha Jae-hoon. Not much is known about the characters played by Chansung and Hong Su-ah, as the descriptions for the roles have not been released yet.

But none of the four actors mentioned confirmed it yet. According to the reports, there is no broadcaster attached to it yet. The Housewife Detective's production company claimed that the new drama is still in its early stages and the casting offers have been given out to several actors.

In fact, they debunked the cast and content news that is making rounds. They claimed the information to be false. Rather they added that Housewife Detective will be completely pre-produced.

We hope Park Jin-hee takes up the lead in the series as she was great in Memory and would be perfect for the role of housewife detective assisting Jo Hyun-jae. Later this year, the Housewife Detective is expected to release domestically and internationally.

This article was first published on January 10, 2017