Pampano Beach Models Vvs Diamond and Sosa Pierre Paint Nude Bodies in Ukrainian and Russian Flags for Florida Parade

In what can be termed as a bold step, the beautiful Pampano Beach models named Vvs Diamond, 27, and Sosa Pierre, 28, were spotted parading with their bodies painted with Russian and Ukrainian flags in the parking lot of South Florida.

The duo took to social media and stated that this was a mark of their protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Except for the G-strings, Diamond and Pierre got their complete nude bodies painted to resemble the flags of both the warring countries calling for "peace"

Pampano Beach Models Vvs Diamond and Sosa Pierre

Buzz On Social Media

As per the reports, the two women walked hand-in-hand while waving at gawking passersby, as the United Orchestra's "We Stand with Ukraine" played over the clip.

"Spread love not war," the women captioned in a post on Instagram, which quickly racked up 5,100 likes.

However, the social media followers are divided on the issue. Where on one side, a large number of followers on social media have termed this step of the models as nothing but a "cheap show of nudity" and have criticized the duo for using Ukrainian invasion for their vested interests.

There were even references made by people who used flags to cover their bodies symbolically portraying their sentiments for certain events.

Some of the followers of these models have expressed admiration for Diamond and Pierre terming this as their effort to keep followers informed about world affairs. A fan even wrote, "We need more content like this. So we can spread awareness and s–t like that."

Another follower shared, "This brought tears to my eyes, I would like to Personally thank them."

Footage shared on social media and reported by Jam Press show Pierre splashed in white, blue and red in a nod to Russia, while Diamond honored Ukraine in yellow and pale blue paint.

It is noteworthy that Diamond and Pierre are also known for creating comic skits. A recent one wherein Diamond was playing the guitar with her tongue had gone viral.