Palestinians Want Netflix to Remove Israeli TV series Fauda for defaming names of real families

'They're not only demonizing Islam but are defaming names of actual Palestinian families I know'

There is a wave of growing anger among Palestinians who are now asking Netflix to delete the popular Israeli popular series Fauda, else they will all cancel their subscriptions.

The storyline of this Israeli TV series revolves around the inner workings of a group of Israeli commandos also known as Mista'arvim who are fluent in Arabic and acquainted with the culture. Hence they infiltrate Palestinian villages and families to root out militants.


The Netflix series Fauda also exposes how often these commandos get clumsy and their operations end up destroying innocent lives. The word Fauda means chaos in Arabic is often used by Israeli undercover agents to reveal that their identity has been compromised.

On Netflix since its first season that premiered in 2015, Fauda gained an international fan following and season three Fauda now among the most watch international TV shows. The action-packed series has extreme gun violence that could even give Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto a run for the money.

The show, however, has also been criticized severely. There also has been a wave of protest among Palestinians as many of them claim Fauda is a false portrayal of Palestinians and even disrespects Islam.

On Twitter, many are now questioning how Netflix can even allow such "violent" propaganda material to be screened.

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"PLEASE do not watch "FAUDA" ON NETFLIX. They are using actual images of my neighborhood as a "terrorist" center. They're not only demonizing Islam but are defaming names of actual Palestinian families I know. how is this legal @NETFLIX?," a Twitter user posted.

Many also posted pictures of regions from Palestine that they claimed were being shown in complete disarray but in reality, were beautiful.

"If you watch the Israeli production on Netflix "Fauda", you might just puke in 15 minutes, even if you are fasting during Ramadan. Biased & poorly acted Israeli Hasbara trying to normalize Apartheid and a brutal occupation- thanks but no thanks," another user posted on Twitter.

Janine di Giovanni, a Senior Fellow at Yale's Jackson Institute and the author of "'The Morning They Came for Us: Dispatches from Syria" wrote an opinion-piece criticizing creators of Fauda season three for "making light of international humanitarian law."

Giovanni was referring to a scene where the only woman in the commando unit Nurit impersonates a French humanitarian worker to gain access to the Gaza Strip.

"Do you have children?" she innocently asks a crossing guard, handing over papers identifying her as an aid worker. "I'm delivering medication to children at Shifa Hospital."

Season 4 Fauda: Release Date

The Season 3 Fauda was added to Netflix globally on April 16, 2020, after the show aired all its 12 episodes on the Israel television - Yes. The creators of Fauda Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz have already confirmed that they are already working on Fauda season four. It is estimated that the date and release of Fauda season 4 will be at the end of 2021 on TV and will premier on Netflix in around 2022.