Overwatch: Mercy getting big upgrades; she can now fly faster and much more

Jeff Kaplan has released a new developer video and there he has talked about the new changes that Mercy is about to get

Things are about to get really interesting in Overwatch, as game director Jeff Kaplan just came out with a new developer's update video, where he is talking about our favourite Swiss Doctor. Wonder, what I am talking about? Well, it's Mercy of course! The gaming community already knows Overwatch's Mercy as one, on whom you can rely upon. She is a powerful support character and is capable of healing allies and her handy team resurrects can totally change the entire game scenario. If you, however, wanted something more out of this loveable character, well you are in luck because your prayers have just been granted!

Jeff Kaplan, the game director, explained, "Let's say you are a team that puts a lot of effort into getting a full team wipe. You use a Zarya Graviton Surge and maybe you have Pharah rain justice from above on top of that. You wipe out the entire enemy team. It's pretty disheartening to have Mercy just erase that moment with a full team res." We agree, we totally do.

So what can be done about it? Well, Blizzard from now on will make Mercy's Resurrect a single-target ability instead of a team-based Ultimate to tackle this issue head on! It's simple really; you get a 5-meter radius and a 30-second cooldown with Mercy's new ult, which has been dubbed Valkyrie.

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While things are going on, her healing and damage boost beams will reflect on all allies near that radius. Mercy also blasts out infinite ammo and a heightened damage and rate of fire. Also, one of the Resurrect's cooldown has been diminished. Mercy now has the ability to fly anywhere she wishes and that too at a faster speed. This is a treat for the gamers out there and is going to reflect a lot on your future game plans.

As per Kaplan, the entire ploy is to make Mercy a part of the entire action and not just something you keep in a corner and wait to press until the ultimate moment. If you want to get a whiff of the changes, just head over to Overwatch's public test server.

Here is the video: