Turkey Detains Ukrainian Models who Posed Naked in Public During Ramadan

According to the local media, the Ukrainian women were said to have travelled to Göcek Bay intending to repeat the notorious "Butt Squad" naked balcony pictures in Dubai.

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Police in Turkey detained a group of Ukrainian models and grilled them for hours after they were caught pulling a naked stunt on a boat in Turkey. As many as six models were captured on camera while they were posing naked for hours when they finally realized that they were being watched and could end up in trouble.

Moreover, the incident has happened in the month of Ramadan, which has created further outrage among the locals. According to the local media, the Ukrainian women were said to have travelled to Göcek Bay intending to repeat the notorious "Butt Squad" naked balcony pictures in Dubai that took place last month.

Naked in Public View

Turkey Naked Photoshoot
Two models pose nude on a boat in Turkey Twitter

Video shared by Turkish media captures the six models sailing in a "luxury boat" accompanied by two unidentified men. One of the models can be seen taking off her bikini bottom while another pair can be seen lying topless on the bow of the boat.

Interestingly, the two men knew that they were being watch, as at one point, one them turns around and waves at the camera. According to a report in The Daily Star, a witness was quoted saying: "Two of them were just making love."

Turkey Naked Photoshoot
The models seen on the boat with two men Twitter

Turkish newspaper Lider reported that despite a complete lockdown due to Covid-19, the models sailed in a "luxury boat" in Göcek Bay "taking pictures of each other naked", "intending to mirror" the "Butt Squad" scandal. It is not know if these were the same models that had posed naked in a balcony of a high rise in Dubai.

According to a report in The Sun, one model Ruslana Kovkova, 21, was named by the Turkish media as being on the boat but she later deleted her racy photos. Two other Ukrainian models present were Veronika Kurgan, 21, and Diana Pogorelaya, 20, and another was named Snezhana.

Too Hot to Handle

Turkish media and locals are particularly outraged more because the nude shoot took place in the holy month of Ramadan. "The emergence of such an image during the lockdown and the month of Ramadan caused a great indignation. It is also a matter of curiosity about the people in the images wandering inappropriately on the boat in a relaxed state," read the report in Lider.

However, the models, unlike in Dubai weren't arrested and deported with a ban on entering the country. Instead, they were detained and questioned for hours. It is understood that all six are now back in Kyiv after being "interrogated" by Turkish police, but it is only now that their attempt to stage a Dubai copycat has become clear.

Another model, Julia Vetrova, who was on the boat, posted a video message saying: "As we know, it is better not to do naked pics in Muslim countries. We understood this after the (Dubai) case with the balcony. But in fact we must make our own mistakes, to learn the lesson for sure. That is, if you want to do a naked photo in Turkey or other Muslim countries, do not do this - or only with maximum secrecy."

Women posing naked in Dubai
Women posing naked in Dubai Twitter

It further gets clear that the shoot was in an attempt to copy the Dubai stunt after another model Anastasia Kashuba spoke out. According to The Su9ofn, the 20-year-old model, who was on the Dubai trip, said that the women had traveled to Turkey to repeat the nude photoshoot.

"They just decided to repeat after us - and arrange a party in order to also be lit up all over the world," she told the outlet. "I also should have gone to this party, but I just applied too late," she added.

Vitaliy Grechin, the man who organized the Dubai trip, is still in custody in the UAE, while around 20 models, who were part of the photoshoot were deported after being detained and have been banned from returning for at least five years.

Ruslana Kovkova, as reported by the local media was another model who was part of the nude photoshoot Instagram
Anastasia Kashuba was one of the models who took part in the Dubai photoshoot Instagram
This article was first published on May 6, 2021