Outer Banks Season 2 Spoilers: Conflicts, Clashes and More await Team Pogues

Netflix teen drama Outer Banks will return with another season on July 30, and it will focus on the new challenges faced by John B and his friends. According to the cast members, conflicts, clashes, and troubles await team Pogues in season 2.

The sequel will take the viewers through an intense rollercoaster ride, cast members Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline teased. They also revealed that the central characters might not enjoy the happy and peaceful times of their lives in the new season. They will have several old and new problems to deal with in the new sequel.

What is in store for John B and Sarah in Outer Banks Season 2?

The new season will kick-start by featuring the various challenges faced by John B and Sarah on their way to Nassau. While John B moves forward with an optimistic mindset, Sarah will be worried about the murder charge on John B and its outcome. The biggest question in her mind is whether it is a "Blue Lagoon type situation" or will the trouble reach them sooner than they expect it.

"And it is the latter. We see everything catch up to them tenfold. It's much more intense than anybody realizes it would be," Stokes hinted.

Additionally, Sarah will also have to deal with some internal conflicts as she struggles to figure out her true family. She is confused between her own family and the new family. She wants to know whether she should be with the people who raised her or only focus on her new family.

Outer Banks
Outer Banks will be back with a second season on July 30. Twitter/Outer Banks

What lies ahead for JJ, Pope, and Kiara?

On the other end, JJ, Pope, and Kiara will mourn the death of their dear friends in the premiere episode. JJ will also struggle with loneliness as two of his friends start focussing on their budding romance. He is going to be a little worried about being left out, actor Rudy Pankow teased.

However, Pope and Kiara may not focus much on their romantic relationship mainly because they are desperate to find out what happened to two of their friends, John B and Sarah. So, the first few episodes of the second season will focus on the grievances of JJ, Pope, and Kiara. Gradually, Pope will take center stage, cast member Jonathan Daviss hinted.

"Just like how last season's mission was personal for John B, this season has a personal connection to Pope. He spends this season making sure justice is served. It was everything to me," he said.

The cast members of Outer Banks Season 2 dished about the new sequel while interacting with the representative of Entertainment Weekly.

Outer Banks Season 2 will premiere on July 30.

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