Oscars 2017: 'Moonlight' wins best picture after 'La La Land' blooper

"Moonlight" director and writer Barry Jenkins says he loves La La Land.

Oscars 2017
89th Academy Awards - Oscars Awards Show - Hollywood, California, U.S. - 26/02/17 - Writer and Director Barry Jenkins of "Moonlight" holds up the Best Picture Oscar in front of host Jimmy Kimmel (rear) as he stands with Producer Adele Romanski (R). Reuters

Oscars 2017, the biggest award night in Hollywood, ended on a stunning turn with Moonlight receiving the Best Picture Award after "La La Land" was mistakenly announced as the winner.

The "La La Land" team was in the process of giving thanks when it was announced that the wrong film had been read and that "Moonlight" was the real winner. The presenters read "La La Land" right after Emma Stone won the best actress for her role in the modern-day musical.

"I wasn't trying to be funny," presenter Warren Beatty later said after the real winner was revealed.

A producer for "La La Land" also corrected the things and said "[Actually] 'Moonlight' is the winner ... this is not a joke."

After clearing out the confusion, host Jimmy Kimmel joked and said that he blames Steve Harvey for the mistake, alluding to his wrong announcement of Miss Universe winner years back.

After the final announcement, "Moonlight" director and writer Barry Jenkins along with the cast and crew dashed on stage to accept the win.

"I have to say and it is true, it's not fake," Jenkins said. "I've been on the road with these guys for so long."

But in his excitement, Jenkins made sure to appreciate the movie that was wrongfully announced its due.He said: "I love 'La La Land."

"Thank you to the academy, it is so humbling to be standing up there. ... There was a time that I thought this movie was impossible because I couldn't bring it to fruition. ... Everybody behind me on this stage said, 'No, that's not acceptable so I just wanna thank everyone behind me," he added.