Oreo Dunk Challenge: Mondelez, Google launch game to hint name of Android 'O'

Oreo Dunk Challenge made people speculating that Android 'O' will be called Oreo

Oreo has rolled out a new mobile game called "Oreo Dunk Challenge" on Wednesday, which uses a variety of mobile web technologies, including those of Google. The game allows players fling a virtual Oreo across the world for the ultimate dunk into a glass of milk thousands of miles away. While some people are seeing this as a fun game, others are speculating that it is the product's marketing campaign.

google and oreo

The Mountain View company incorporated some exciting features in the game. When a player loads up the mobile app, located over at oreospacedunk.com, he or she will be asked to take a photo of a real-life Oreo. The player can also download a photo of the cookie from Google. Following the verification, the app asks the user's location for the "launch site". The user then has to fling the phone as hard as possible to set the cookie flying across the world and it will eventually land in some other destination.

Though the idea behind the game is unique but what makes it more special is the fact that is the brainchild of several agencies. Though the game was primarily created by marketing agency 360i, other agencies like Google's very own in-house agency The Zoo, Carat and Jam3 also played vital parts in the development of "Oreo Dunk Challenge".

Google's involvement is more obvious in the game as the majority of the game's animation uses Google Earth imagery to show where your Oreo fling is coming from and where it's going.

And the best part is Google is not even trying to hide it, either. As soon as you fire up the app "Created with our friends at Google" tagline is presented, which basically means that Google joined hands with the company that created the game. Lately, the tagline is also seen on the packaging for the new LG watches and a dress made with Ivyrevel.


While the game is a cute, little marketing gimmick, it can be presumed that Google is active working with Mondelez, which is the company behind oreo, on the marketing front.

The branding of the upcoming Android 'O' will certainly be a monstrous marketing effort by Google. The release of this game at this very moment, when the whole world is speculating that the Android 'O' will indeed be called Oreo, is at least a proof that these two companies are already collaborating.