OnlyFans Stripper Karla Ramirez Claims Biological DAD Subscribed to Her X-rated Videos, Paid $150 For Private Call

OnlyFans star Karla Ramirez, who is also a popular TikTok user has claimed that her father subscribed to her exclusive content on Onlyfans under phoney names. In a series of TikTok videos last month, the popular Onlyfans user revealed about the childhood sexual abuse she endured due to her father and other people. Ramirez also revealed that when she told her mother about it, she immediately believed her as she knew that Ramirez's father had fake social media accounts.

In the viral TikTok videos, Ramirez shared with her fans that she had found that her father had been subscribing to her X-rated content for nearly a year pretending to be two different persons. "The only way I found out is because he had called me to 'play with myself' for $150 and I could hear my mom in the background talking on the phone," she said and wrote in the caption of her video that "It's not illegal for your (father) to buy your nudes."

Karla pointed out that other than TikTok and OnlyFans, her father has been using false Facebook and Snapchat profiles to catfish her ever since she attended middle school. She also accused her father of sexual abuse. She revealed that he placed her in a position to be assaulted when she was a child.

Karla Ramirez
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"(My father) has been sexually attracted to me since I was really young. To the point that when I was 4, he would take me to his friend's house or a girl he used to be seeing and let them touch me," Karla narrated her ordeal in a follow-up TikTok video.

Father Sent Pictures of His Penis

She also claimed that her father reached out to her through fake social media accounts to send pictures of his penis and asked her to rate the explicit photos for money when was a minor. Ramirez said that her mother was unaware of the whole situation and that her childhood trauma was never properly treated.

While Ramirez was making extra money from posting NFSW videos on the X-rated OnlyFans, she did not know that her own father was behind some of that money. However, after hearing her mother's voice during her father's phone call using his false account, Ramirez rushed to her mother's house and told her to call the cops.

"It was so obvious, I didn't even need to say why I was there," she said. "He was immediately trying to cover his a**," the adult star on OnlyFans stated as her father became defensive right after that.

This article was first published on February 1, 2022