OnlyFans: Lingerie Model Claims Dating Apps Banned Her For Being 'Too Hot'

A graduate lingerie model who shares racy photos wearing underwear to make money online has claimed that dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge has banned her account for being 'too hot'. Alaw Haf, 24, believes that she's banned from dating apps as users didn't believe her to be real and reported her account as fake.

The law graduate, who as of now isn't interested in sharing X-rated content on OnlyFans, is fuming after discovering that despite using his account to con money out of dates, a Tinder Swindler was reportedly allowed to run his account.

A documentary titled, The Tinder Swindler was launched on Netflix, detailing the story of Shimon Hayut, a man who is accused of using the popular dating app to cheat people out of an estimated $84,53,686.00 (£7.4 million).

Alaw Haf
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"The dating apps are treating me worse than the Tinder Swindler," the OnlyFans stripper, who has around 67,000 people fans following her on Instagram account @alawpx, said.

"I think it's all a joke after watching the show on Netflix and he was still able to be on the app when his purpose was to use it for criminal activity – whereas all I wanted was to go for a drink with someone!" the outraged law graduate added according to Daily Mail.

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Who is Alaw Haf?

Alaw Haf is a 2018 law graduate from the University of Liverpool with a 2:1 degree. She chose to leave the legal world only to join the X-rated site OnlyFans, one of the most successful adult platforms when it comes to influencers, sex workers where she can charge her followers a monthly fee for giving access to her super hot and exclusive lingerie shots.

After being unable to visualise herself as a barrister, Haf made a career decision to join Onlyfans as an underwear model sharing share racy photos and hot videos of herself online to rake in $68532.00 a year.

"I had many jobs, ranging from working in a gym to a nightclub but, when I first started OnlyFans, I had graduated from university the year prior and I still wasn't sure what to do career-wise," said Haf, according to a newsportal WalesOnline.

Speaking of her OnlyFans projects, she further went on to say, "I also direct message my fans and do a mass picture message every Friday and Sunday. I am now glamour modelling which is more risqué than lingerie modelling but I have no plans on doing X-rated content.