One dead as fire destroys five-star hotel in Yangon, Myanmar

One died and two were injured after fire broke out at a luxury lakeside hotel in Yangon on Thursday morning.

Yangon Fire
Screen Shot of Yangon Fire From a Twitter Video Justin Lancy Twitter

In a shocking incident, one person has died and two were injured following the break out of a fire at a luxury lakeside hotel in Yangon, Myanmar, on Thursday morning. The incident happened at 3 am in the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, a popular destination among tourists and high-profile travellers. According to firefighters, the deceased person is male, but his identity is still unknown.

One among the injured was a Chinese tourist. Soon after the fire gulped the building, the woman jumped from the third floor resulting in a back injury. The second among the injured person is a fireman. Both of them are now admitted to the Yangon General Hospital.

Soon after the fire, emergency forces were alerted, and they, along with the hotel security personell, quickly evacuated the hotel, which helped to avoid further casualties. Investigations are now going on to find out the cause of the blaze.

Details of the tragedy

According to the associated press, the fire which broke out at 3 am gulped the upper floors of the building, completely destroying the walls and furniture made up of teak. The fire suddenly reached the lower floors too, and there it destroyed the floors and other pieces of equipment in the hotel interiors.

Photos and videos of the fire accident in Yangon have now gone viral on social media platforms. Many people who have escaped from the fire accident are also sharing their experiences of evacuation on Facebook and Twitter.

More details regarding the scale of damage caused by the fire are expected to be revealed in the coming hours.