Olympic torch handover and arrival will be held without children over Coronavirus concerns

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may face the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak as the scheduled date of the event to start is July 24

The torch handover ceremony of the Olympics which will take place on March 19 in Greece will be held without the presence of any children due to the new coronavirus or COVID-19, as will the arrival ceremony in Japan on March 20, as stated by Tokyo 2020 Olympics organising committee president Yoshiro Mori on Friday.

COVID-19 may hamper Olympics

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The coronavirus or the COVID-19 has created a major stir around the world in recent times. The deadly virus which has claimed the lives of more than 3,300 people and also infected around 98,000 people worldwide in around 85 countries.

The Tokyo Olympics has already been in the news for the past few days as many around the world expressed their doubts about whether the tournament will take place or not. However, the responsible authorities are pretty much confident about the quadrennial event taking place as per schedule.

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