Who is Olivia Culpo? Ex-Miss Universe Forced by American Airlines to 'Put On Blouse' in Order to Board Flight

The Sports Illustrated cover girl was allowed to board the flight only after she put on an oversized hoodie, which belonged to her boyfriend.

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Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo was almost forced to "cover up" by American Airlines before boarding a flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with her family as the airline crew felt she was inappropriately dressed to travel. The airlines felt that the former Miss Universe was showing too much of her skin and prevented her from boarding the flight until she put on more clothes.

Sharing her ordeal, Culpo's siter Aurora said that she had to finally put on her boyfriend's Christian McCaffrey's hoodie to cover her body in order to board the flight. Aurora further said that Culpo, 29, felt embarrassed in front of hundreds of people when American Airlines stopped her directly from boarding the flight.

Showing too Much Skin?

Olivia Culpo
Olivia Culpo (left) in the attire she arrived at the airport and (right) after putting on her boyfriend's hoodie Instagram

Culpo's sister Aurora took to her Instagram stories on Thursday to share her sister's ordeal before flying to Cabo San Lucas. Aurora revealed on Instagram that revealed that Culpo was called to the front of the aircraft's gate only to be told to put on a blouse, or risk being prohibited from flying, a move Aurora called "f**ked up."

The concerned sister accused American Airlines as she recorded the footage showcasing her sister's outfit and deemed it not to be inappropriate or offensive. In the video clip posted on Instagram stories, the former Miss Universe is seen wearing a long black cardigan, sports bra and biker shorts, items her sister didn't find "inappropriate" or "offensive."

Olivia Culpo outfit
The dress in which Olivia Culpo came to the airport and American Airline found it obscene Instagram

Alongside footage of her story, Aurora claimed that American Airline gave an ultimatum to Culpo that the entire family would be stopped form flying of she didn't cover up. The next video clip posted by Aurora shows that an embarrassed Culpo in order to sort out things, covering herself up with an oversized grey hoodie while comparing her original outfit to another passenger in a similar look.

Slamming The Airlines

The Sports Illustrated cover girl was allowed only after she put on the hoodie, which belonged to her boyfriend. However, that left her boyfriend to shiver all throughout the flight as it was too cold.

Aurora also said that other passengers too were shocked at the American Airlines' approach. "That's weird," the woman said of American Airlines' request for Culpo to cover up, admitting that her own outfit was lower cut than the celeb's. Culpo, however, took it all in stride, re-posting her sister's stories to her own Instagram account alongside caption, "Leave it to Aurora to cause a scene. Hide me."

Christian McCaffrey
Christian McCaffrey after giving away his jacket to Olivia Culpo Instagram

What's interesting is that the Culpo sisters pointed out another passenger who was also wearing a crop top, yet that lady wasn't asked to cover up. Culpo and her boyfriend McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers are frequent visitors to the city of Cabo as the pair also vacationed there in February 2021.

On the personal front, McCaffrey and Culpo first met in 2012 via mutual friends, but the former pageant winner had doubts about dating another athlete. Culpo was previously linked to former NFL star Tim Tebow and was in a relationship with Danny Amendola for two years, from 2016 to 2018.

Culpo who is also a social media infleuncer and an actress won the Miss Rhode Island USA competition in 2012. She later went on to be crowned Miss USA, and then Miss Universe in 2012.

On American Airlines' websites, passengers are told to "dress appropriately" and not wear "offensive clothing." However, it is not known what was offensive in Culpo's attire. The only other guideline is no going barefoot.

That said, Culpo had previously slammed JetBlue for banning her dog from her flight home to Rhode Island as she attempted to visit her parents.

"I'm sure I'm not the only one who ran away crying at the airport, but it's the worst experience I've ever had," she said. "I just want to be able to go home."

"When both your parents have Covid and you're trying to get home to help them but suddenly your dog who was already pre approved is not allowed to fly with you. I have never wanted to be this person and I have always been the hugest @jetblue fan but I am just soooo so so upset right now. He has flown on this airline so many times and it's never been an issue," Culpo had written on her Instagram post at that time.

This article was first published on January 14, 2022