Odell Beckham Jr. Likes Being 'Pooped On' While Having SEX, Claims Model Slim Danger

Instagram Model Slim Danger took the internet by storm by claiming that Odell likes Being pooped on while having sex.

Slim Danger has made a sensational revelation about Odell Beckham that has left everyone shocked. In the new podcast Th*ts Next Door, which features chatty hosts Celina Powell and Ayyyejae, model Slim Danger revealed that the Brooklyn star allegedly likes to get pooped on. Modelling sensation Slim Danger was invited by the pair of podcast hosts for a discussion on her career, and what she's known for. However, her revelation on the weird secrets of Odell Beckham left millions disgusted and in utter shock.

Slim also confessed that while she tried to do the disgusting act, she couldn't do it. But what left people shocked is when Slim said that she sent a pooping video of herself on Beckham's request. The portion of Slim Danger's chat has taken the internet by storm. Slim Danger, who is the mother of one of Chief Keef's children, also made headlines when she went on a shopping spree with Tekashi 6ix9ine and reportedly had sex with the Brooklyn rapper.

According to Slim Danger, Beckham requested her to shower within 24 hours before their hookup. Well, this is just Slim's side of the weird sex story and Odell Beckham is yet to make any comment on this. Meanwhile, Twitter is abuzz with Slim Danger's revelation on Beckham's private life. Twitterati has gone nuts sharing several memes on the podcast incident.

Odell Beckham Jr Likes Poop Sex
Slim Danger Says Odell Beckham Likes Being Pooped On During Sex

Odell Beckham Jr. now definitely has a lot of text messages and DMs to answer after this scandalous sex revelation about him by Slim Danger. His name has been trending on social media ever since the podcast went on air. The popular Instagram model's update on the podcast about the NFL star's sex life has spiced up social media making the public go crazy.

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