NYPD Launches Manhunt to Nab Pervert who Rubbed His Penis on a Sleeping 10-year-old Girl

An unidentified man broke into a 10-year-old girl's bedroom in New York in the middle of the night an committed an act of sexual assault by rubbing his penis on her feet.

The girl who felt disturbed in her sleep woke up in a jiffy only to see a man with his pants down. The man immediately fled the room and out of the house and escaped on a bicycle. The incident occurred at the Broadway & Bond St.

Man Rubs Penis on sleeping girl NewYork
Twitter / NYPD

CCTV footage shows the intruder breaking into the house. It captured the man fleeing on the bicycle. The NYPD has launched a manhunt to nab the pervert and have described him as ''dark-skinned, with a medium build and dreadlocks.'' The surveillance camera shows him wearing a multi-colored t-shirt, black jeans, white sneakers, and a white mask.

Police confirmed the child didn't suffer any injuries and revealed the suspect might have previously carried out similar sexual assaults against women in the neighborhood.

NYPD tweeted the video asking people to provide them a tip if they've come across or know the person confirming the identity of the caller would remain anonymous. ''WANTED for SEXUALLY MOTIVATED FELONY: On 6/11 at approximately 1 AM, in the vicinity of Broadway & Bond St, a 10-year-old female was inside her residence & awaken by a man in her room who rubbed his penis on her feet. Any info DM @NYPDTips or Telephonecall 800577TIPS anonymously.''

This is a second such incident of intruders breaking into women's room in New York as just a month a ago, a pervert broke into a woman's home and stole all her sex toys in the middle of the night while she was fast asleep.

The 37-year-old man, Michael Holden, was nabbed by the NYPD days later and found that he also stole $700 in cash and her bank cards.

The police revealed that the sex toys were worth $160. Though his identity was not captured on CCTV cameras, the woman's neighbor saw a man sneaking into her home and helped the NYPD with the man's description and clothes and made it easier for the cops to nab the culprit.