NUS will be the first Singapore university to welcome a Nobel-prize winning professor

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The National University of Singapore (NUS) announced on Thursday, April 4 that a Nobel Prize-winning Professor Sir Konstantin 'Kostya' Novoselov FRS will be joining the university as Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering on Monday, April 8. He will be the first Nobel-prize winner to join a university in Singapore.

Prof Novoselov, who received the prestigious Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010 along with the British-Dutch physicist Andre Geim for the ground-breaking achievements with the two-dimensional material graphene, has been an international scientific advisor to the NUS Centre for Advanced 2D Materials since 2015.

The discovery of graphene not only led to the finding of a new material that is the world's most conductive, stretchable and strongest, it also introduced new opportunities in the field of multidisciplinary research.

At NUS, Prof Novoselov will lead a new research group focussing on intelligent materials. (Photo: The University of Manchester)
At NUS, Prof Novoselov will lead a new research group focussing on intelligent materials. The University of Manchester

Before joining NUS, Prof Novoselov he appreciated Singapore's strong focus on research and exploration and said "I am fascinated by the idea of creating and exploring the properties of novel materials. Singapore and NUS are at the forefront of creating such materials and discovering novel applications for them."

NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye said that the university has admired his pioneering work in the area of graphene and 2D materials as well as his relentless drive to chart new paths.

In addition, Prof Tan also stated that "This is a reflection of the vibrancy of the Singapore research community and a resounding recognition of the high quality of research applications produced by our faculty."

Professor Ho Teck Hua, NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost believe that the arrival of Prof Novoselov will inspire many young Singaporean researchers. He also said that NUS researcher students will benefit greatly from having the opportunity to collaborate with the 44-year-old professor and his lab on exciting research opportunities, to sharpen the spirit of innovation and experimentation at the University.

After joining NUS, the key responsibility of Prof Novoselov will be leading a new research group, which aims to discover interesting combinations of materials that can behave as intelligent sensors and micro-computing devices, focussing on advanced materials. He is also expected to collaborate with a new team of PhD students and professors at the university.

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