Nth Room scandal: After Baksa, Pacific Ocean now Watchman facing backlash for running Godam chatroom

Netizens slammed Watchman and demanded that his identity be made public while reacting to his plea that his family and friends were suffering because of him

Looks like Nth Room was only the beginning and since the arrest of Baksa and his associates, many other rooms selling deepfake sex videos have been found out. Latest is Godam Room operated by 'Watchman', whose real identity has not been revealed yet.

Watchman is facing backlash after he requested media and public to respect his family's right to privacy. Watchman is also accused of selling thousands of questionable images, videos depicting abusive sexual acts through Godam Room. He is said to have been operating the chatroom from April to September 2019.

Watchman uploaded over 10,000 photos

Baksa Jo Joo Bin Telegram Nth Roomsuspect
Baksa aka Jo Joo Bin Telegram Nth Room main accused

He is claimed to have uploaded more than 10,000 photos of sexually-explicit nature. This also includes more than 100 videos forcibly shot by minors and children. The 38-year-old Watchman, however, said that he was operating the chatroom but had not created it. Currently cops are probing the matter deeply and are trying to trace the users as well as operators and creators of the chatrooms. The investigative officers have got additional arrest warrants approved to make swift move to nab those responsible.

The Watchman had attended the preliminary hearing at Suwon District Court on April 6. He was wearing a prison uniform and also a mask. Watchman told in the court that he did upload the links of videos of illegal and questionable form. But he said that he did not receive any money for the same. He apologized to the victims.

Watchman said he will take responsibility for his actions

Rape and harassment

He said, "I will take responsibility for my actions and take on all the punishment. I can't stand my friends and family suffering because of me." Watchman will undergo the next hearing on April 25. Meanwhile, Netizens have demanded that just like Baksa, Watchman's identity also should be made public.

Earlier, details of the crimes committed by another operator named 'Pacific Ocean' were also revealed. Though his personal details were not made public, it was said that he was a 16-year-old boy and was operating the chatroom called 'Pacific Ocean Expedition.'

He is said to have sold videos to 8,000 to 10,000 users. According to Seoul Metropolitan cops, he had started working as the operator since October 2019, when he was merely 15 years old. Cops also said that he has been cooperating with the investigation since January and had given details about the scandal.