Now, you can exchange text messages on Google Maps for Android, iOS

Google Maps now gets Message option so that users can communicate with nearby shop owners via texts.KVN Rohit/IBTimes India
Google Maps now gets Message option so that users can communicate with nearby shop owners via texts. KVN Rohit/IBTimes India

Google has been very active in adding new features Google Maps to make user-friendly more useful for end consumers. It is one of many reasons why Google Maps is one the most installed travel companion app on both Android and iOS platforms. Now, the search engine giant has silently introduced a new feature that will offer direct communication with business establishments and the consumer.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user who goes by the moniker u/sanju2cool has posted Google Maps for Android with new 'Messages' feature that helps the user to exchange texts with nearby shops. I even checked my Google Maps for iOS on my iPhone, it too shows a similar option.

This is a good initiative, as this will allow consumers to contact local enterprises for small queries, which not only saves time for the latter but also text proof for the former when they visit the place to make the purchase. Or, in the case of a restaurant, they can get reservation booking details.

In a related development, Google recently released Auto routes & fare option in select regions of India. It is user-friendly not only to the locals but also foreigners travelling exotic places.

Newly updated Google Maps is initially available in Delhi and will help capital city dwellers find important information such as estimated auto fares for routes they plan to rent the three-wheeler for.

Also, the new Google Maps feature is currently available on Android version only and it is likely to come to the iOS app for Apple iPhones soon.

If this feature gets good feedback, it is expected to be expanded to South Asian and African regions such as Thailand, South Africa, among others, where auto rickshaws popularly known as Tuk-Tuks are popular among local and foreign tourists.

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