North Korea gearing up with another nuclear test?

north korea
North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is seen as the newly developed intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-15's test was successfully launched. KCNA/Reuters

North Korea led by their Supreme leader Kim Jong-un is showing no signs of slowing down their nuclear program, as suspicious movements were found in one of the tunnels the country used for conducting nuclear tests. The recent movements were detected by the 38 North project at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, after analyzing the satellite imagery.

As an increased number of movements have been detected, it has been speculated that another nuclear test may happen at any time.

The satellite imagery indicates that the tunnel work at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site is still underway. The last five nuclear tests were conducted in the North Portal, but this time, movements are reported at the West Portal.

"At the West Portal, there has been a consistently high level of activity since North Korea's last nuclear test. This includes a routine presence of vehicles and personnel around the portal, movement of mining carts from the portal to the adjacent spoil pile and signs of fresh spoil being dumped onto the pile," wrote the researchers.

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"These activities suggest that tunnel excavation is underway at the West Portal, as the North Koreans expand the site's potential for future nuclear testing," continues the researchers.

Political experts believe that the chances of North Korea conducting another nuclear test are very high. The nuclear test will surely turn provocative, and sometimes, it will result in a war involving Pyongyang and the United States. North Korea, in all probabilities, may conduct an atmospheric test on a live nuclear missile which will help Pyongyang to clear off all doubts surrounding their nuclear capabilities.

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A day back, US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis has said that the North Korean Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles are not capable enough to reach the US mainland. With the new test, Kim Jong-un will be trying to debunk the claims made by Mattis.