Nobody Knows episodes 15-16 spoilers, live stream details: Will Cha Young Jin send Baek Sang Ho behind bars?

Jang Ki Ho might betray Cha Young Jin and reveal everything to Baek Sang Ho in the finale of SBS crime thriller Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows is coming to an end this week and the final two episodes are going to be very crucial for the followers of this crime thriller. The last two episodes of the drama will reveal if Cha Young Jin will succeed in sending Baek Sang Ho to prison. These episodes will also reveal the fate of Ko Eun Ho and his friends.

While episode 15 is scheduled to air on SBS Monday, April 20, at 10 pm KST, episode 16 is expected to air on Tuesday, April 21 at 10 pm KST. Both the episodes will be packed with several twists and turns for the lead protagonist. Though the viewers are looking forward to a happy ending for the detective and her loved ones, it remains to be seen how the story unfolds in the last two episodes.

What does the promo say about final episodes?

Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows is coming to an end this week. SBS

The promo hints at troubled moments for Cha Young Jin and her loved ones as it hints at a secret team-up between Baek Sang Ho and Jang Ki Ho. Though the detective sends Jang Ki Ho to a new hideout place and tells him to stay safe until she sends Baek Sang Ho behind bars, Jang Ki Ho contacts Baek Sang Ho. The clip then shows Jang Ki Ho sharing some secrets with Baek Sang Ho. The video ends with a rebirth ceremony of Jang Ki Ho.

Meanwhile, director Lee Jung Heum dropped some hints about the final moments of this SBS drama. According to him, the entire story is related to the bible verse Mathew 24:36, which stated that no one knows, not even the angels and the son, about the hour or the day except the father.

"This is closely linked to the secret of major piece of evidence 'Testament to New Life', which will soon be revealed in the drama," Lee Jung Heum added.

How to watch Nobody Knows finale live online?

Episode 15 of this crime thriller will air on SBS this Monday at 10 pm KST and episode 16 of the show is scheduled to air on Tuesday at 10 pm KST. People in Korea can tune in to SBS to watch the show or they can stream the show on the official website of the broadcasting channel.

But Korean drama lovers from other parts of the world, including the non-Korean speaking population, will have to watch the mini-series on various streaming sites.

Watch the promo for episode 15 below: