'No Job Opportunity' For Stunning Brazilian Doctor Rayane Laura Souza Who Entered Miss BumBum World

Brazilian Doctor Rayane Laura Souza claims she can't find jobs in medicine after participating in the world's best butt beauty pageant

Brazilian doctor Rayane Laura Souza, who competed in the famous Miss BumBum Competition claimed that she can't find a job after taking leave from her previous employer for the biggest-booty competition.

The model and medic Laura Souza has opened up about being unable to find a job at the hospital after her entry in the beauty pageant, according to reports. Miss BumBum World is a beauty pageant which sees women competing in G-strings, thong bikinis and provocative lingerie as they compete to win the crown for the World's best butt.

The stunning 26-year-old doctor Rayane Laura Souza last year competed in the Miss BumBum but lost the crown to hot Suzy Cortez, who has won the best butt title twice already. Rayane Laura Souza said that in order to compete, she temporarily had to leave her job as a doctor. Her family, however, is against her choice. Now, she claims that she's finding it difficult to return to her medical career.

According to a report in Daily Star, the hot model, Rayane said, "The fact of being a woman and beautiful always has prejudice." The model further added, "I love to show my sensuality on my social network, but that does not mean that I am not a great professional inside the hospital." She said there will always be prejudice, but she can be a good doctor as well as sensual at the same time and she doesn't see any problem with that.

Rayane Laura Souza
Rayane Laura Souza is a model by passion Instagram

Even a year after taking part in the Miss BumBum Pageant, Rayane is still looking out for jobs in medicine. Laura said, "I already graduated and my diploma will always be kept for me. I already have my specialisation for the future".

The curvy Latina also revealed that she doesn't have plans to live in the US and study cinema at present. She is a famous model, who has a huge fan base on social media platforms such as Instagram.

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