Nintendo Switch: Priced at $250 and not repeating the mistakes of Wii U?

The Mario-makers are supposed to divulge more about the console and its pricing on January 12th

nintendo switch

Speculation is like wildfire but then again there cannot be any smoke without a fire somewhere. All the gamers around the world are pretty much hyped about the Nintendo Switch and before you say anything snide about Wii U being a disaster, all I would say that this is a brand new day and this is a brand new beast altogether. So calm down your horses because by what is in the offing with Nintendo Switch is something you have craved for long and prayed to the gaming gods.

Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei has somehow managed to add fuel to the fire in the wait game by saying that the Nintendo Switch is going to be priced at or around JPY 25,000 which is give or take $250. Now before you take it as the writing in the wall or as the final ball park amount, you should understand that this is just something that Nikkei has said the official confirmation of this is yet to come. Nintendo is supposed to give us more details on the console and the pricing on January 12th and then we will know that if that is the solemn truth or we have been taken for a ride.

However, if the Nintendo Switch is priced at $250 and it doesn't make the same mistakes that Wii U did this may just be it. From the time it made its debut on the Jimmy Fallon show with Shigeru Miyamoto cheering it through, the hype has been building up and it is only fair because there is a lot riding in this endeavor and it just has to work itself to living up to the hype. I think it's safe to assume that every gamer all around the world has grown up with Mario and Donkey Kong and we are rooting for this. We want to take Mario around for a spin, go for an adventure with Link and more than that never be out of the gaming experience wherever we go and whatever we may do.

This article was first published on January 10, 2017