Nigerian Married Woman Gets Stuck to Lover During Sex, Netizens Blame it on Ancient 'Magun' Charm

The man, a chronic womanizer, begs to keep his identity a secret in the viral video.

A Nigerian married woman was caught cheating after she was found stuck to her lover during a sex act. The incident, which has gone viral on social media, took place in Ogun State located in Southwestern Nigeria.

Soon after the video the incident went viral, a lot of social media users said that the cheating married woman and her lover were glued as a result of the ancient 'Magun' charm.

married woman glued

Bystanders Pour Water to Help Separate the Glued Couple

In the 45-second clip, the naked woman is seen bent forward as her lover behind her calls for help to separate them. To save their modesty the couple appears to have wrapped a white coloured bedsheet around their private parts. The couple appears to be standing outside a room as they beg the bystanders to help them.

According to The Cable Lifestyle the person who was recording the incident termed the man as a chronic womanizer. The tearful lover, shouting in Yoruba dialect, is heard saying, "Please help me, don't let me be disgraced. Please don't blow my cover."

"What nonsense are you asking me to do? Should you come to a married woman's house to sleep with her," a man is heard telling the lover. After hitting the lover on the head, the man then turns towards the woman and says, "It is like you're cursed? Should your husband meet you like this? And your unfortunate lover is asking us to keep it a secret. A soldier's wife! Your life is ruined! It will not be well with you."

During the video two men are also seen pouring some liquid over the couple in a bid to help them separate from their compromising position.

What is Magun Charm?

Magun is a charm that originates from the Yoruba land of Nigeria. In Yoruba, it means "thunderbolt"; the literal English meaning is "Do Not Climb." It has been used for years to catch promiscuous people in extra-marital affairs and is still in use today. It traces its history back to Sango, the Yoruba god of thunder and lightning, reported Vocal.

Termed differently in other tribes, Magun charm is believed to become fatal if the person who set the trap is not available to provide the solution within a particular period of time.

"Please young children here, close your ears So i saw a video yesterday, I won't post it here though..What is the medical explanation for the situation caused by "MAGUN"...? Cos I no believe in juju," tweeted a user.

"Can the Doctors in the house explain this. Is it scientifically possible A video making rounds online captured moment an unidentified married woman got glued to her lover while having s3x. Eyewitnesses linked the incident to "Magun" (Charm)," wrote a user.