Nibiru update: Bright orange object spotted after sunlight triggers cataclysm fear

Nibiru video grapb (Youtube) Youtube

Theories surrounding Nibiru cataclysm is one of the most trending topics among conspiracy theorists all around the world. Proponents of this theory believe that Nibiru alias Planet X, the lone planet lurking in the edge of our solar system will one day collide with our planet causing massive destruction everywhere. And now, a new footage apparently taken soon after sunset in Murcia, Spain has once again added fuel to such rumors surrounding the killer planet.

The video uploaded on YouTube by channel Expitaly showed light from a bright orange object breaking through the clouds slowly. Moments after the bizarre phenomenon, clouds covered the light completely, and the sky turned black.

The video uploaded a day ago has attracted more than 12,000 views and most of the viewers are apprehensive that Nibiru is real. Some of the users even commented that the government is aware of Nibiru's existence, but intentionally hiding it from the general public with the help of chemtrails.

"They are planets between us and the sun they are getting closer you can't see them during the day we are looking at there dark side but as they get closer and slightly out of alignment we can see the light reflected off of Earth reflecting back to them back to Earth again which is why you can only see it after sunset imagine what you could see without chemtrails," commented Sean Harris, a YouTube user.

Another section of conspiracy theorists claimed that this bright light is not from Nibiru but from an alien UFO. They even argue that extraterrestrials from deep space have been monitoring our activities for many years.

Some people have connected this sighting with the alleged weather control program run by governments, called chemtrails. According to these theorists, the movement of clouds which later covered the bright glow clearly indicates that the patterns and behavior of clouds can be easily manipulated by artificial means.