Nibiru fame David Meade speaks in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW about Planet X, world's end and NASA's hoax

IBTimes Singapore recently got in touch with David Meade, and he gave his version of the end of the world which he insists will happen soon.

David Meade

IBTimes Singapore recently got in touch with David Meade, the researcher known for his claims about Nibiru's arrival. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Check out the full interview here.

IBTimes SG: You have predicted that October 15 might trigger the Armageddon but later changed it to a safer prediction that the world is going through a seven-year tribulation period. Why?

David Meade: When John, 2000 years ago on the Isle of Patmos, saw Jesus, he was shown this Sign – this year – this fall of 2017. This is the year I believe the seals will unfold.

Meade further explains the seven-year tribulation in the full interview.

Why are you unable to predict the exact date in which Nibiru will hit the Earth?

I believe the Day of the Lord is fast approaching. But the Book of Revelation is written in non-linear sequence. Hard to say an exact month and day.

Recently, Indonesia's Mount Agung has erupted raising massive fumes of the cloud to the sky. Does this have something to do with your Nibiru prediction?

Yes. Nibiru has an electromagnetic effect on the sun, and therefore the earth. The core heats up and displaces magma.

Meade also explains the Bali volcanic eruptions and what they mean.

Earlier, a conspiracy theorist named Matt Rogers claimed that Governments all around the world are spraying chemicals on the sky to hide the rogue planet. What is your view on chemtrails?

The aerosol spraying is called chemtrails. The pilots are told a cover story – it's a Greenhouse gas/global warming mitigation strategy. If they delve too far or ask questions they risk court-martial.

What other illusions does the Government create? Find out here.

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NASA has ruled out the existence of Nibiru, calling it an Internet hoax. What is your response?

That's called disinformation – it's as old as history. We'll eventually get 40 days of advance warning. Each nation will inform its own citizens.

What is your view on Illuminati and fictitious elite world order which is allegedly ruling the world invisibly?

The Committee of 300 is the only power in the world today that transcends all governments. This think tank controls US policies at multiple levels.

Meade further explains the role of the elite organizations in running the world and hiding in plain sight.

Do you believe in extra-terrestrial life and alien existence?

Not really – I believe UFOs are intra-dimensional. It's a manifestation of the spirit world.

Tell us more about your book.

In Section 1, we take the reader through a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle and explain a diversity of events that are all really related. I call this Section "The Mysteries of the Universe."

Section 2 and Section 3 explore this theme in more depth.

See the full version of the interview here.