Niall Horan and Lily Collins dating? Rumoured couple share 'a huge spark'

Lily Collins reportedly attended Niall Horan's gig at The Troubadour in Los Angeles.

One Direction
Niall Horan and Lily Collins are rumoured to be dating Reuters

Niall Horan and Lily Collins are reportedly growing close to each other. The 28-year-old British-American actress reportedly attended the former One Direction singer's gig at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on 17 September.

A source told Grazia magazine: "It's very early days, but there's a huge spark. Lily turned up with a friend to a gig he played at The Troubadour in L.A .and she was all over him after the set."

"Niall couldn't wipe the smile off his face: it was a really important night to him, and for her to be there was very special," the insider added.

However, the the daughter of music legend Phil Collins is worried about the backlash she might receive from One Direction fans. The source shared: "Lily is worried about dating Niall because obviously the relationship would be high-profile and he has a huge fanbase. They're waiting to go public, but she looked positively giddy about him at his gig and everyone could see the chemistry."

However, this news comes as a shock as the 28-year-old actress was spotted kissing Jason Vahn, during a romantic trip to Italy in July. The two had attended high school together at the Harvard Westlake school in Los Angeles.

Adding on, during an appearance on The Talk, Lily shared that the relationship between her parents - Phil and Jill Tavelman has influenced who she chooses to date. She said: "I find that I'm really attracted to mysterious creatives, and I love people that are able to put their emotions out there for not just the world to see, but just that are giving of their emotions, but a little bit mysterious and elusive as well."