New video reveals Chinese police wearing AI-powered headgear to fight Coronavirus outbreak

Officials in major Chinese cities are now using a high-tech helmet to restrain COVID-19 spread in China

The Coronavirus epidemic has caused an alarming situation in the world. While a few companies introduced some technologically advanced masks, Chinese police have taken a step ahead and is using AI-powered smart helmets.

These high-tech helmets may remind us about the helmet used by the fictional character Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The technology behind the helmet is allowing the police officials in China to find out people with high temperature. The Chinese officials who patrol the streets in China are using this technology to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The high-tech headgear

These helmets have an infrared camera that will ring like an alarm if there is anyone with high fever in five-metre radius. The headgears also have facial-recognition technology, which would help the Chinese police officials to know personal details of the pedestrian such as the name, on a virtual screen inside. Officials in major Chinese cities are now using this device to restrain the virus spread as people are being able to visit their workplace.

Chinese police wear smart helmets
Chinese police wearing smart helmets Twitter grab

Utilizing technology

In a city of China's south-western Sichuan Province, Chengdu, which has a population of 16 million, two officers donned the high-tech helmet to monitor people on a high street. Recently a video was released by the Chinese News showed that officers were looking around to screen passing people to check whether their body temperature is above 37.3 degrees Celsius.

In another part of the country, Shenzhen, the officers have started to inspect drivers who came into the city by using the helmet. Inside a hospital in that area, healthcare officials began to use the technology on Monday, March 2 outside the outpatient department, which they believe help the medics to identify potential Coronavirus patients.

Chinese smart-tech

The headgear, named as Smart Helmet N901, was developed by Shenzhen-based tech firm Kuang-Chi which claimed that it has created the apparatus to help fight the new Coronavirus. As per the reports, A spokesperson said that this "highly intelligent wearable device" was specially designed to face many challenges in terms of the pandemic situation, caused by COVID-19.

The spokesperson of the firm mentioned that within the five-metre battlefield, the helmet can scan all individuals and its detection of fever is 100 percent accurate. He also added that it can also record the temperature of each of the targets automatically.

The whole process take two minutes to scan a queue of more than 100 people and one big hospital would only need 10 such helmets to cover every corner, said the developer of the high-tech headgear.

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