New Traffic Signal Lookalike Technology Could Help Reopen International Airports Safely

A technology developed by an Israeli company could help prevent massive crowds in small places like airports and reduce the risk of Coronaviurus transmission.

Several airports around the world have been under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But a new technology developed by an Israeli company could prevent massive crowd in small places like airports. This is being implemented at the Orlando International Airport. This new strategy could bring some sort of normalcy and help to reopen closed airports safely.

A Petakh Tikva-based company called Protouch has developed the crowd monitoring system—which is almost like a traffic light. The system will notify those assembling in the defined radius around the pillar if the area is becoming too congested.

The company developed the wireless autonomous public monitoring system in collaboration with the American company Synect.

How It Works

Crowed monitoring system
An Israel company developed this crowed monitoring system

The new crowd monitoring system looks like a pillar. It glows green when there are a smaller number of people in the area. But when more and more people begin to occupy the place, the light will change to yellow and then red. It will help to control the crowd and lower the chances of Coronavirus transmission.

At the Orlando airport, Florida the system has already been introduced as a pilot at the entrance, seating areas and other crowded zones. Since the pilot turned out as a success, the pillars will be set up in other areas of the airport.

This technology doesn't include cameras or require surveillance of any particular group of people. The system is based on artificial intelligence, which will help to count the people and monitor the traffic around the column.

The company behind the development of the technology is specialized in creating digital platforms, planning development and providing customized, innovative display solutions. As written on the website, the company "accompanies projects of sound lighting, LED screens, video walls, control systems, content productions and integration of all systems, from the concept stage to its delivery."

Protouch said that apart from airports the new technology is suitable for many venues, including companies, institutions, stadiums, malls, train stations and hospitals. It may also be adapted to prevent violence in public places.

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