New stills of alien dystopia drama Circle shows off chemistry between Kim Kang Woo, Kikwang

The upcoming drama is of a sci-fi genre and the story is about two worlds that are connected

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The upcoming tvN drama, 'Circle' or 'Circle: Two Intertwined Worlds' has released new stills from the drama.

Allkpop mentioned that the new stills show off the chemistry of the lead actor Kim Kang Woo and Highlight's Kikwang.

The upcoming drama is of a sci-fi genre and the story is about two worlds that are connected. In the drama, Kim Kang Woo plays the role of a detective who is named Kim Jun Hyuk and lives on 'Smart Earth' and that is in year 2037. As the character is in the future, he faces a problem when a crime occurs in a time when there's no crime.

Kikwang, will play the role of a social worker, Lee Ho Soo who is on 'Smart Earth', that is, the same world as Kim Kang Woo. The character who leads a straightforward life teams up with Kim Jun Hyuk to uncover the truth behind the crime.

The teaser of the drama boasts of some amazing cinematography, and the breathtaking shots looks like a nature documentary clip. The teaser starts with Kim Kang woo, who is seen turning his back towards the camera and the frame captures the beautiful seaside he is facing. Very soon, the scene switches to a place covered with green moss and one can hear eerie bird calls.

The scene keeps changing again and again but he remains at the same position as if he is looking for something very eagerly, may be some clue or some pattern.

In the background, Kim Kam Woo is heard saying, "In a world where emotions have been eradicated, there's been a murder that should not have occurred."

The teaser ends with flashes of a burnt case file. It is not clear what it is actually but it can be Kim Kang-woo's own memories as he thinks to himself, "Wait for me. I will remember."

According to allkpop, in the upcoming drama the viewers can expect some bromance from these two. The drama also stars Yeo Jin Goo, Gong Seung Yeon, Hello Venus's Yooyoung, and more. The much awaited 'Circle: Two Intertwined Worlds' is all set to be premiered on May 22 at 11PM KST.

This article was first published on May 6, 2017