New Science Channel show to unveil mysterious incidents in Bermuda Triangle [VIDEO]

The Bermuda Triangle which is known for its weird anomalies and disappearances of dozens of ships, as well as aeroplanes, is a new topic of Science Channel show

Bermuda Triangle is the section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America which is famous for unexplained disappearances of ships and aeroplanes. As per the early reports, there are over 50 ships and 20 aeroplanes which mysteriously disappeared after they arrived inside the Bermuda Triangle.

Unexplained circumstances surround some of these accidents, including one in which the pilots of a squadron of US Navy bombers became disoriented while flying over the Bermuda Triangle and after losing contact, the planes were never found. There are reports which claimed that other boats and planes had vanished from the area during good weather without even radioing distress messages.

The Bermuda Triangle mysteries

This area which is also referred to as Devil's Triangle covers almost 500,000 square miles of ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida. Decades ago when Christopher Columbus sailed through the area on his first voyage to discover a new world, he found a great flame of fire, probably caused by a meteor, crashed into the sea one night and a few weeks later a strange light appeared in the distance. The world-famous explorer was erratic about the compass readings near the Bermuda Triangle which may happen because this is one of the places in the earth where north and magnetic north lined up.

It was American author Vincent Gaddis, who invented the phrase "Bermuda Triangle." In a 1964 magazine article while mentioning the additional mysterious accidents which had occurred in the area. He also mentioned an incident where three passenger planes went down despite having just sent "all's well" messages. Some paranormal writers have blamed everything from aliens, Atlantis and sea monsters to time warps and reverse gravity fields for all these mysterious incidents.

Answers for anomalies in Bermuda Triangle

It is not possible to reveal all details and untangle the web of mysterious events in the Bermuda Triangle with just one theory. As per one sceptic, trying to find a common cause for every disappearance in that area is no more logical than trying to find a common cause for every automobile accident in Arizona.

But maritime insurance leader Lloyd's of London does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as a special hazardous zone. Even US Coast Guard stated that "In a review of many aircraft and vessel losses in the area over the years, there has been nothing discovered that would indicate that casualties were the result of anything other than physical causes. No extraordinary factors have ever been identified."

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle Wikimedia commons

A new show claimed to reveal every mysterious event?

A new science show is now trying to find the answers for the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. It should be mentioned that a ship, called SS Cotopaxi went missing in the Bermuda Triangle in 1925 while making its way from Charleston, South Carolina to Havana, Cuba.

When the ship sank, its 32 passengers went missing. As reported by the, "After years of speculation and rumours, experts determined that a previously discovered sunken ship called the Bear Wreck near St. Augustine, Florida, was actually the SS Cotopaxi!"

The first show, "Shipwreck Secrets" will be premiered on Sunday, February 9, at 8 pm on the Science Channel and soon after that at around 10 pm, the most awaited show called "Curse of the Bermuda Triangle" will reveal some of the biggest mysteries surrounding this legendary spot.