MBC's highly anticipated action-thriller drama, Lookout is only a few weeks away, and the first trailer of the drama is already out. The one-minute clip has got a gritty and stylish vibe, and the fact that the teaser is shown through the camera lens has made it more engaging.

The first look of the drama revealed the main cast which include Kim Seul Gi, SHINee's Key and Kim Tae Hoon. At first Lee Shi-young's character's voice is heard off-screen, desperately crying, "I promise you. I'll definitely keep my promise this time."

The ex-crime detective is seen running down an alley and is being chased by a ruthlessly ambitious lawyer played by Kim Young-kwang and he is being heard reporting to someone off-screen, "The sole witness has just disappeared." And, describes himself as, "The one watching your every move."

It doesn't look like they start off on the right foot, though, with Kim Young-kwang drawling, "Stop getting in my way," and Lee Shi-young getting locked in a cell screaming.

A chyron reads, "All silenced truths become poison," while the ex-detective thinks what the lawyer has to do with the search for the murderer of her daughter.

On the other hand, it seems very evident that Kim Young-kwang will have some enemies of his own, as in the trailer it is seen that he is knocked down with a gun in his hand, while a voice is heard asking, "It's you, isn't it? The one behind all of this."

Lee Shi-young asks while sobbing, "Why couldn't you wait a little longer? I really was going to keep my promise this time."

Overall the trailer was engaging, intense and pretty fast-paced. MBC's Lookout will follow Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. It is to air every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST and the first episode is scheduled to air on May 22.