New Jersey Allows Off-Duty Police Officers to Consume Marijuana; State Promoting Cannabis Industry?

With New Jersey allowing off-duty police officials to use cannabis in every form from April 21, there is an unending chatter on social media.

A large number of people are sharing their opinion in favor of and against the move.

A faction of social media followers is strongly criticizing the state's decision adding that this will promote the cannabis industry which is the root cause of various crimes.

They have termed that this step will prove detrimental in the longer run as open sale of cannabis to the people above 21 years of age will result in its unchecked use.

NJ legalizes Cannabis for cops, people above21

Difficult to Check Regulated and Unregulated Source to Buy Cannabis

Attorney General Matthew Platkin, in a memo sent to the Police Chiefs on Wednesday, stated that police officers 21 and above were allowed to consume cannabis in all forms while off duty as reported by the New York Post.

However, the memo also points towards the zero tolerance for cannabis use, possession, or intoxication for the law enforcement officers on duty.

The lobby which is against the legal sale of cannabis in New Jersey has questioned the law makers over the "thin line" that separates the officials on and off duty. They have further criticized the ruling wherein the cops have been strictly asked to buy cannabis from regulated sources. The critics have questioned, "who will check whether the cops are buying cannabis from regulated or unregulated source?"

They have shared their concerns stating that a law enforcement officer can never be off-duty as it falls under the emergency services. A cop can never be out of his/her "line of duty" opined some of the social media followers.

However, there are people who have welcomed the decision as they feel that cops too are humans and this will help them relax. Every individual has the right to enjoy recreational stuff, added the supporters.

A Twitter follower replying to @SenPresScutari stated, "Don't you wanna use cannabis tax to give cops money? NJ police in your mind are more deserving of concessions than residents who would be tossed in jail for growing a plant that is legal otherwise. No corp favoritism no police funding."

Another user replying to @Murphythemoron wrote, " Yes, indeed, Gov. Murphy. Let's create a "new cannabis industry" in NJ. Let's make history..... The cops will have a field day when they tell driver to roll down the window."