New Covid-19 Symptom: 'Restless Anal Syndrome' Added to the List for the First time

New Covid-19 symptoms are making their way known to researchers and the latest to the list is 'Restless Anal Syndrome'. An elderly patient in Japan is reportedly down with the unpleasant condition after contracting a mild case of Covid-19.

The restless anal syndrome is thought to be the first reported case as a symptom of Covid-19 and doctors revealed that the patient experienced unbearable pain.

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Doctors in Japan revealed that the 77-year-old-man is currently being treated at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital after he started to complain of anxiety and insomnia. That is when the symptoms gradually turned to deep anal discomfort.

Dr Itaru Nakamura, a specialist from the division of BMC Infectious Diseases revealed to LabBible that the symptoms emerged weeks after he contracted Covid-19 and is experiencing unbearable pain while he moves, walks, sleeps and even sits still.

''Before affecting Covid-19, he had never experienced anal restless and discomfort. Several weeks after discharge, he gradually began to experience restless, deep anal discomfort, approximately 10cm from the perineal region. When the patient stopped moving, the problem became even more unbearable,'' said Dr Nakamura.

In a medical report published in the BMC Infectious Disease journal, the findings state that the patient has a neuroglial deep tendon reflex along with a perineum loss of sensory that also affects the spinal cord.

The report read, ''The following features were observed in the anal region; urge to move is essential, with worsening with rest, improvement with exercise, and worsening at evening.''

The journal also states that exercising made the pain to cool down but turned to pain when stopped. ''Neurological findings including deep tendon reflex, perineum loss of sensory and spinal cord injury, revealed no abnormalities. Exercise such as walking or running... made the symptoms relief [sic], while taking a rest made the symptom worsen.''

Researchers also revealed that the long-term implications of the condition would be monitored and regular checks would be conducted to notify the man's progress.

As a result, doctors reached the conclusion that the latest symptom of Covid-19 is restless anal syndrome and are diagnosing the patient with medications and concluded in the journal that the findings is the first to be reported.

''To date, no case of restless anal syndrome associated with Covid-19 has been previously published. This case report may reflect the associative impacts of Covid-19 on the neuropsychiatric state. The long-term outcomes of neuropsychiatric conditions should continue to be monitored.''