Nevertheless Producers Tease Love Triangle Between Park Jae Uhn, Yoo Na Bi, and Yang Do Hyuk

Song Kang-Han So Hee starrer romantic comedy-drama Nevertheless is scheduled to premiere on JTBC on June 9 at 11 pm KST.

JTBC drama Nevertheless, which is also known as I Know But, will feature a love triangle between Park Jae Uhn, Yoo Na Bi, and Yang Do Hyuk, according to the production team. Do Hyuk is a straightforward person and a childhood friend of Na Bi. But his presence will affect the relationship between Na Bi and Jae Uhn, they added.

The story of this mini-series is similar to a webtoon of the same name. It revolves around the romantic relationship between two youngsters –Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Uhn. The World Of The Married Star Han So Hee will portray the female lead, and Sweet Home actor Song Kang will play the male lead. Actors Yoon Do Hyuk, Yoon Sa Bong, Seo Hye Won, Lee Seung Hyub, and Kim Moo Jun will also appear in the K-drama as supporting characters.

JTBC released a few stills of the upcoming drama that features the friendship between Na Bi and Do Hyuk. In the photos, both the characters are greeting each other with warm smiles on a rainy day. One of the images shows Do Hyuk holding an umbrella for Na Bi and offering something to her. Another picture focuses on Na Bi.

The production team described Do Hyuk as an innocent and friendly person who is a romanticist. He is different from Jae Hyun, and he liked her from the time they were young. But his friendship with Na Bi will affect the relationship between Jae Hyun and Na bi, they added. So, the viewers can look forward to a love triangle between the three characters.

Cast members Han So Hee and Chae Jong Hyeop as Yoo Na Bi and Yang Do Hyuk in JTBC drama Nevertheless. Twitter/JTBC

Love is in the Air for Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Uhn

Meanwhile, the newly released poster of Nevertheless features the subtle relationship between Na Bi and Jae Uhn. The romantic poster shows Na Bi sitting close to Jae Uhn and rest her head on his back. Though Jae Uhn notices her action, he does not push her away. The poster caption reads: "I know but..."

JTBC also shared two new teasers of the romantic comedy-drama featuring Na Bi and Jae Uhn. The first clip shows Jae Uhn trying to flirt with Na Bi, and the second clip focuses on her reply to him. Watch the teasers below:

Screenwriter Jung Won wrote the script for Nevertheless, and producing director Kim Ga Ram of Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency fame directed it. The mini-series will premiere on JTBC on June 19 at 11 pm KST.