Netizens roast Mike Pompeo after Lisa Simpson image to mock Nancy Pelosi backfires on him

After his State of the Union (SOTU) speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped off her copy of the President's speech, terming it 'a manifesto of mistruths'

Major theatrics followed the US President Donald Trump's State of the Union (SOTU) address. Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped off her copy of Trump's speech and on being asked by the reporters, she mockingly said, "it was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternatives".

Her act was equally lauded and criticized. Among her critics was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who took to Twitter to mock Pelosi for her conduct.

Mike Pompeo uses Simpson's character to mock Pelosi


The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posted a picture of a sobbing Lisa Simpson, tearing a piece of paper. What he missed was the context of the picture. According to, the image is from a season 3 episode, 'Mr Lisa Goes to Washington,' in which Lisa Simpson takes part in a children's essay writing contest at Washington DC.

Mike Pompeo Tweet

Thrilled and excited, Lisa prepares a speech on the greatness of American democracy. She is faced with reality when she witnesses a corrupt congressman Bob Arnold taking a bribe, which shatters her faith in democracy. Saddened, Lisa rips off her speech titled 'The Roots of Democracy' and instead gives a rousing speech on 'corruption'.

In a way, Pelosi did to Donald Trump, what Lisa Simpson did to Bob Arnold. This was quickly picked by people, who schooled Pompeo, that instead of mocking, the picture actually justifies Pelosi's actions.

Mike Pompeo mocks Nancy Pelosi
Mike Pompeo mocks Nancy Pelosi
Mike Pompeo mocks Nancy Pelosi

Trump snubs Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi rips Donald Trump's speech
Twitter/Screen Grab/Mike Pence

The awkward altercation happened before Trump took to the dais for his third State of the Union address. While handing copies of his speech to Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she extended her hand, for a hand-shake. Trump, instead turned to the audience, which left Pelosi startled.

President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi met for the first time during State of the Union, since he was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 18. Though, he has been acquitted by a Republican-controlled Senate on February 5.