Microsoft Buys Sony Corporation For $130 Billion: HERE IS WHY Readers Believed a Spoof [FACT CHECK]

'Microsoft acquires Sony': 3 Reasons to Prove that It is Fake News [Fact Check]

Netizens woke up to surprising news of Microsoft Corporation acquiring Sony Corporation. A Spanish portal claimed that the tech giant had acquired the Japanese multinational conglomerate for a staggering $130 billion.

Microsoft acquires Sony with all its divisions, including PlayStation: 3 Reasons Why it is not TRUE
Nope. Microsoft has not acquired Sony. Screenshot from Microsofters Website

The Report:

Spanish website 'Microsofters' reportedly claimed that Microsoft Corporation had acquired various divisions of its rival company that includes Sony Pictures, Sony Music, PlayStation divisions, mobile phone division, its patents, and its camera and TV divisions. The news got widespread traction after EN24 News translated the news to English on social media.

For a moment, netizens believed the piece of news since Microsoft had acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of noted video game publisher Bethesda Softworks, earlier this year. The tech giant had struck the deal for $7.5 billion, giving the signs of trying to increase its presence in the Japanese market.

Microsoft acquires Sony
Microsoft and Sony. Twitter

Is it True?

Here we are giving you three reason why it is a Fake News.

A deal of this size will not happen in a hush-hush manner, considering the fact that it requires lots of regulatory approvals.

If true, it is easily the biggest news of 2020, but people should notice that no reputed media house has reported about the said deal. Many websites including Exchange4Media that reported about this acquisition deleted the articles simply after realizing that there is no proper evidence for the report claimed by the Spanish website.

Last but not the least, no formal statement either from Sony or Microsoft.


In Spain, 28 December is a day of pranks, equivalent to April's Fool's Day. The report of this acquisition was reported by the Spanish website on 28 December. It clearly indicates that the website played a prank on its readers.