Netflix shuffle feature could finally be coming to Android devices

Netflix is trying out a new episode shuffle feature that allows users to play a random episode from a popular TV show

The process of binge-watching reruns of popular sitcoms has never been easier thanks to Netflix, which has been home to shows like 'Friends', 'Parks and Recreation', and 'The Office'.

But the lack of a shuffle feature means if you're just casually watching these shows you have no choice but to either commit to a full season and start from the beginning or cherry-pick each episode you'd like to watch. However, that could be changing very soon.

Play Random Episode


It appears that Netflix has realized that some users just want to randomly shuffle through popular episodes of the above-mentioned shows instead of tirelessly searching for a new film or series to watch. The streaming giant has been testing a shuffle function for quite some time now, but Android Police recently stumbled upon the option in the "Continue Watching" section on the home screen of the Netflix app for Android devices.

When you click the three dots on the side of the title, a few different options appear on the screen, one of which is "Play Random Episode." The function will allow users to simple tap play and watch episodes of their favourite TV shows at random.

Netflix confirmed that it is currently testing the feature but pointed out that it carries out similar experiments in specific countries for different time periods but only makes them available to users across the globe if they find the features useful.

Other new features being tested

In addition to the random shuffle function, Netflix also came across several other playback options, including one that lets the user remove titles from the Continue Watching queue and a "More Like This" option that allows you to find similar content to the one you're watching.

There are plenty of new options on this menu, but the most popular amongst users will likely turn out to be the shuffle. This is a feature that people have been asking for some time now, and it's good to know that Netflix is listening to its users.

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