Hong Kong cab driver arrested for uploading photo of breastfeeding passenger on Facebook
Representational Image Reuters

A Hong Kong cab driver was arrested by the police on Thursday for taking a photo of a passenger who breastfed in his taxi and uploading it online. The photo sparked public outrage and tagged the incident as sexual harassment.

The 48-year-old cabby was arrested in Sham Shui Po for accessing computers with criminal or dishonest intent. The members of the public referred to the incident as intrusion of privacy.

The driver, surnamed Chow, posted the photo on a Facebook group for taxi drivers, saying: "Is this for real?" The passenger's face and part of her breasts could be seen in the photo.

Apple Daily reported that many people condemned such an action and hurled insults at the driver calling him despicable and uncouth. The taxi association and lawmakers also criticised him for his action.

Soon after the backlash, Chow removed the photo and changed the name of his Facebook account. The police identified the driver's IP address and arrested him.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that the driver was arrested but he has not been charged.

Health Minster Ko Wing-man urged people to show respect for breastfeeding mothers and condemned the incident.