NCT's Taeil Sets New Guinness World Record By Gaining 1 Million Instagram Followers in the Shortest Time

K-pop boyband NCT's Taeil Moon has stunned everyone as he created a new Guinness World record for the fastest time to gain 1 million followers on Instagram. According to reports, the NCT member had launched his personal Instagram account, mo.on_air, on July 6 and within 'one hour and 45 mins' he broke the record of becoming the fastest person to gain the seven-digit number of followers.

Taeil's account, mo.on_air, was first announced on the app bubble before his fan followers flocked to the social media platform to follow TAEIL and allowed him to achieve a record-breaking feat after his first official Instagram post. He currently has 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

NCT Taeil currently follows seven other accounts, most of which are his fellow NCT band boys. Announcing his debut on Instagram, Taeil posted a selfie wearing a white T-shirt under a black jacket with the caption, "On air."

The post grabbed much attention and helped Taeil gain instant followers. Until Tuesday, the NCT star has uploaded only 5 posts and unlike others, his popularity can be measured by the numbers of likes and views he has earned in every post on Instagram.

"Thank you to all the fans! I was so surprised when I heard the news! I never imagined myself becoming a Guinness World Records title holder, and am truly grateful for all the love and support. I would not be here without my members and our NCTzens. I'll try my best to connect and communicate even more through socials. I love you all!," Taeil said to his fans.

Taeil Moon
Taeil gains 1 million followers Instagram

Well, before K-pop sensation Taeil, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was the fastest to break this record. Grint reached 1 million followers in four hours and one minute after the launch of his Instagram account with the announcement of his daughter's birth in November 2020. Another famous celebrity to gain 1 million followers in five hours and sixteen minutes was Friends star Jennifer Anniston. The actor's first picture on the photo-sharing platform was a group photo with her co-stars from the sitcom "Friends".

On the work front, the Korean pop singer first rose to fame in 2015 as a member of the K-pop training team the "SM Rookies". Taeil joined the worldwide famous NCT in 2016 and currently, he is also a part of the NCT U and NCT 127 sub-units. As of 2021, NCT has as many as 23 members who have released 7 studio albums, with two making it to the top 10 of the Billboard 200 list in the United States.

Taeil Moon Net Worth

Taeil's net worth is estimated at $1.2 million (USD) as of March 2021, according to various sources.

Taeil Moon's Girlfriend

As of now, Moon Taeil is not in a relationship with anyone. The 1994 born pop singer is currently single. However, reports reveal that Taeil had at least one relationship previously.

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