Natalie Bonett: Woman Gets Dragged From Car by Cop at Melbourne COVID-19 Checkpoint [VIDEO]

The woman, who is a lash technician in Melbourne screamed and pulled away from the officer as she demanded him to stop

A shocking new video of a young woman getting dragged from her car screaming as she tried to pass through a coronavirus or COVID-19 checkpoint in Victoria, has gone viral on social media. Natalie Bonett said that she was making her way through the blockade in Wallan of Melbourne on Saturday when she was stopped by the police.

They informed the woman that it was against the law to have her phone attached to a charger that was mounted on her windshield. After a brief and tense exchange, the clip shows that the officer reached the woman and dragged her from the car as the passenger inside tried to pull her back.

Bonnet, who is a lash technician in Melbourne screamed and pulled away from the officer as she demanded him to stop. A passenger in the car tried to hold her back trying to inform the officer that she has got anxiety. "What the f**k are you doing, what the f**k, get off me," the woman shouted at the officer.

Woman Dragged Out of Car by Cop

Woman dragged out of car by Police
Woman dragged out of car by Police YouTube Grab/Gary Green

Moments back, the cop had given her the chance to tell her name and asked her many times to get out of the car but she mentioned that she was not feeling safe as he was armed. The cop assured her that she will be safe before losing his patience and pulling her out.

The Victoria police department alleged the woman of repeatedly refusing to provide details and driver's license. A spokesperson mentioned that the woman refused to remove her phone from the windscreen and also did not supply her details despite being warned that she will get arrested. Bonnet was charged on summons with a driving license with obscured vision, failing to give a license, her name, and address, and also for resisting arrest, assault police, offensive language.

The woman later posted the video on Facebook. "If you want to see the video.... you will all be disgusted. I am shaking, crying, and in complete disbelief that I was treated this way," she stated. "They grabbed me by the legs and pulled me out of my car and arrested me. While trying to cuff me, they had their knees in my back and couldn't breathe," she added. The video has attracted many netizens to give it a watch. There are mixed reactions to the video from social media users.

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