NASA's International Space Station is part of spy project, alleges conspiracy theorist

The conspiracy theorist alleged that ISS is not allowing Chinese astronauts on board as it is a spy mission

Popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring who operates from Taiwan has been an open critic of NASA for the past few years, and in course of time, he has reportedly spotted several anomalies on NASA photos taken from Mars and the Moon.

Even though skeptics rubbish his findings as classic cases of pareidolia, Waring continues his work, and he alleges that the United States space agency is involved in several sinister activities.


Chinese City ISS

Now, Waring has outlandishly claimed that the International Space Station (ISS) is part of a spy project, and NASA is apparently using it to spy on other countries. Waring made these remarks after spotting the image of a network of illuminated roads at night time from the ISS online image library. In a recent web post, the conspiracy theorist also made it clear that the image was actually that of a Chinese city.

"I was looking at some photos taken TODAY by the NASA camera onboard the space station and noticed that it was really focusing on some places. For instance...this photo above looks a lot like a Chinese military base to me. Now a lot of people would say, Scott, perhaps they just took the photo by accident. One photo is an accident, but 30-40 photos are deliberate spying. The space station is supposed to be International...and yet they do not allow Chinese astronauts to participate on board the space station," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring added that NASA would never answer his questions. He sees them as part of a sinister coverup. He even alleged that NASA is not a space agency, but a spy agency.

Waring's request to Donald Trump

A few months back, Waring spotted a weird structure on the Red Planet, and he claimed that it was nothing but the thigh bone of an extraterrestrial alien. After making this self-proclaimed discovery, Waring urged United States President Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA.

Waring claimed that NASA was involved in an alien coverup, and he would reveal all alleged secrets associated with extraterrestrial life if he got a chance to work as the head of the US space agency.

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