NASA's cancellation of next lunar mission heats up fake moon landing theory

File photo of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module ascent stage
File photo of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module ascent stage Reuters

During the election campaign, Donald Trump has several times made it clear that his priority is to make humans set foot on the moon again. But last week, unexpectedly, NASA has called off Resource Prospector mission, a small rover program which was designed to excavate elements like hydrogen and oxygen from the lunar poles.

As NASA has decided to terminate the program, space scientists are baffled, as on November 2017, Donald Trump had directed NASA to return humans back to the moon as a part of Space Policy Directive 1.

Meanwhile, a group from the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group has apparently written a letter to NASA's administrator Jim Bridenstine to re-evaluate the decision calling off the lunar program.

"We wanted to make him aware so he could do his own investigation as to why Space Policy Directive 1 is being ignored," said Clive Neal of the lunar exploration analysis group, Daily Star reports.

Now, conspiracy theorists have started alleging that NASA is trying to hide something sinister, and that is why they have called off the lunar mission. According to these theorists, astronauts from NASA might have never stepped on the moon, and the iconic photos of lunar landing could be the ones shot from a Hollywood movie set.

Another section of conspiracy theorists suggests that aliens might be living on the moon, and they have warned humans never to come back there.

This is not the first time that the accusations are being made against the space agency over the anomalies in lunar landing. Last month, conspiracy theory channel 'Streetcap1' has spotted an alien spaceship in a photo apparently captured by NASA's Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft. As the video of the finding went viral on the Internet, several people strongly argued that NASA is aware of alien existence on the moon.

It should be also noted that Streetcap1 is a conspiracy theory YouTube channel operated by renowned Scottish UFO researcher Scott Graham. However, NASA has never reacted to the allegations made by Graham.

This article was first published on May 5, 2018
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